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Recent Articles

Using Encryption in .NET (General)
Written by Steve Johnson on December 15, 2004

In this article I will explain the classes and code necessary to put encryption to work in your applications.  I will also explain the basic principles of operation of these classes and point out several pitfalls to avoid.

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Using Reflection for the Visitor Pattern (General)
Written by Brad Wilson on June 7, 2004

The Gang-of-Four Visitor pattern provides a formalized way to de-couple code using double dispatch. The traditional static-language implementation has limitations that can be overcome with reflection.

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Reflection Demystified (General)
Written by Brad Wilson on June 6, 2004

Reflection is a very powerful tool in the .NET library. In this article, I try to take some of the mystery out of its basic concepts.

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Understanding Isolated Storage (General)
Written by Chris Tavares on April 3, 2004

Almost every application needs to store configuration information. What good are those 74-page config dialogs if they don't save the settings? But where do you store these settings? The .NET answer to this question is Isolated Storage. Read on to learn how to use it, and how not to.

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Attribute Based URL Dispatching (ASP.NET)
Written by Brad Wilson on March 20, 2004

If you use HTTP handlers in your web applications, you might find some use in this attribute-driven URL dispatching system for your handler classes.

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Recent Advice

Beware of ToUpper()
Written by Brad Wilson on January 18, 2005

...or, How I Learned To Love the CultureInfo Class.

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Prefer Factories to Constructors
Written by Brad Wilson on January 12, 2005

In this piece of advice, I compare and contrast factory methods to constructors, and illustrate some of the benefits of using the Factory Method Pattern.

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Re-Throwing Exceptions
Written by Brad Wilson on April 12, 2004

I just picked up Test Driven Development in Microsoft .NET, a book which I'm enjoying a lot. However, I ran across a piece of code that I simply don't like, and I thought I'd share. I hate to pick on sample code, but this is one time where I think it's worth it.

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